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About Us

The Alabama State Association of Cooperatives (ASAC) was formed in 1972 as the state affiliate of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund in Alabama. The ASAC operating office is located at the Federation’s Rural Training and Research Center in Epes, Alabama, in the heart of the Alabama Black Belt region. ASAC provides technical assistance, through outreach, to farmers, ranchers, community organizations, community development credit unions, and cooperatives with support from the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/LAF and other partners. The outreach is focused on underrepresented limited-resource minority farmers and ranchers with small landholdings, and other low-income rural residents in the Alabama Black Belt.

ASAC  cooperative members include:

  1. Southeastern Goat Cooperative

  2. Federation of Green County Employees Federal Credit Union

  3. Green/Sumter Farmers Market Cooperative

  4. Panola Land Buyers Association

  5. Panola Land Buyer Association-Housing Development Company

  6. City Country City Green Cooperative

  7. Marengo County Farmers Cooperative

  8. Freedom Quilting Bee Legacy (New/re-organizing)

  9. Demopolis Federal Credit Union 

  10. Wendy Hills Subdivision Housing Authority

  11. Gainesville Health & Wellness Center of West Alabama

  12. Geiger Live Well Faith Community

  13. The Local Cooperative-Selma

  14. East Alabama Black Belt Farmers' Cooperative 

  15. Black Belt Green Jobs Workers' Group (still organizing)

Our Board

ASAC is led by a team of season cooperators  Board members providing leadership and guidance  to highly dedicated staff which serve the needs of the ASAC members.

Charles Williams


Willy Busby

Greene/ Sumter Farmers Market Co-op

George Hall

Greene/ Sumter Farmers Market Co-op

Samuel Fairley

Southeastern Goat Co-op

Will Jones

Southeastern Goat Co-op

Sharon Robinson

Freedom Quilting Bee Legacy

Elaine Williams

Freedom Quilting Bee Legacy

Carrie Fulghum

Panola Land Buyers Association-HDC

Andrew Williams

Marengo Cooperative

Darrell Mcguire

Marengo Cooperative

Darlene Robinson

Federation of Greene County Employee Federal Credit Union

Carol Zippert

Federation of Greene County Employee Federal Credit Union

Lathia Banks

City Country City Green Cooperative

Sam Wiggins

City Country City Green Cooperative

Darren Beachem

State Coordinator

Freddie Davis III 

Director - RTRC


Darren Beachem 

State Coordinator​

Audrey Haskin

Program & Training Coordinator

Cassandra Hawkins

Field Accountant

Ethel Giles

Outreach Specialist

Corey Bacon

Outreach Forester 

Tiajuana Parker

Outreach Specialist

Will Jones

Building & Grounds Manager

Angela Hines

Administrative Assistant


Our Staff

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